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Privacy Notice & Cookies

Like everywhere you shop online, b.kinda collects your personal information. Think of it as our way of getting to know you better. It means your orders are processed and if there’s a problem with your order (unlikely, but it does happen), it also means we can deal with it super-speedily.

Since we have your details, it only seems fair for you to have ours. b.kinda clothing is managed by it's trading body, St Luke's Hospice Ventures Ltd (SLH), a company registered in England and Wales under registration number 1786925: VAT Registration No. 108 2418 38 (''b.kinda'', ''we'', ''us'', or ''our''). All profits from b.kinda clothing go to St Luke's Hospice Plymouth.

When it comes to the information we have squirrelled away about you, we want to be totally upfront – honesty’s the best policy, after all. You can rest totally assured that we’re committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal information.

Still got a burning question? Feel free to head to our Contact Us section.

What data we collect, why and how we use your data.

We may collect the following data about you, and we’ve explained the lawful basis (in brackets) and purpose for doing so in each case:

In order to process the orders that you place, send you email confirmations of your order, send those packages of style direct to your door, verify your payment details, or to process returns and refunds, we may use your name, address, email address and payment card information. 

We like to keep you in the b.kinda loop so from time to time we’ll send you special offers and promotions by post and email (legitimate interests) using your name, address and / or email address.

We also use your name, address, email address and payment card information for fraud prevention purposes, to verify you are really a customer shopping rather than someone up to no good (legitimate interests).

We use your name, address, email address and telephone number in order to respond to your queries and occasional complaints (nobody’s perfect) (contractual performance; legitimate interests). We may also keep a record of these to inform any future communication with us, to demonstrate how we communicated with you throughout, to ensure that we provide you with the best possible service.

We may use your email address, postcode and date of birth to send you survey and feedback requests to help improve our services. It helps make our products or services more relevant to you (legitimate interests).

Sometimes, we may need these to use your name, email address and / or address to send you communications that are required by law or necessary to inform you about our changes to the services we provide you (legal obligations; contractual performance).

If you participate in our research activities (for example, customer research surveys, Customer focus groups), we’ll use your name, email address and sometimes mobile number in order to administer the group, and your photographs to improve the products and services that we provide to our customers (consent). We’ll always let you know when we’re going to ask you for photographs and explain how they might be used.

In order to improve the products and services that we provide, we may use your personal data to invite you to participate in market research (legitimate interests).

We may use your date of birth data for fraud prevention and detection, and research purposes (legitimate interests).

We use information about your device and how you use our website (including your IP address, device type) to continuously improve our website, to set default options for you, and to show you the correct content (for example language and currency). We may also use it to develop, test and improve the systems, services and products we provide to you by say, recording your browser’s Session ID to help us understand more when you leave us online feedback about any problems you’re having. This data is also used to prevent and detect fraud. We collect your IP address to learn more about how you use our website. IP address data allows us to analyse site usage and visitor numbers and see how our advertising performs (so we can understand what you like). We also use this information to improve our website, which makes our marketing more relevant to give you the best experience we can (legitimate interests).

When you participate in a survey, competition or promotion, we use your data to run the activity. If we don’t use this data, you can’t win competitions or use promotions. Imagine (legitimate interests).

If you work with us as an influencer, we may collect your name, email address, address, images of you, and clothing size. We use your name and email address to engage with you and to administer events. We may use your address to send presents to you, and we may post your images on our own social media pages and b.kinda website (contractual performance).

If you interact with us on social media, we use this your social media username or identifier to help us respond to your comments, questions or feedback (legitimate interests).

There may be situations where we are legally required to share your personal data, for example, when a court order is submitted to share it with law enforcement agencies or a court of law (legal obligation).

If you place an order on behalf of another person (for example, if you buy a gift for another person and provide their name and address for delivery), please ensure you have obtained their permission before agreeing for them to receive marketing from b.kinda during checkout.

If you don’t want to give us your data, you don’t have to. However, if you don’t, you may not be able to buy our boxes from our website, and you are unlikely to receive our best customer service. It’s your call.

Sharing your data with others

There are circumstances where we may share some of your data with others:

Delivery Companies / Couriers (contractual performance) - … so that your box can be delivered to.  After your purchases have been delivered, the delivery company / courier may contact you by email you to check that you are happy with the service that you have received from them.  You can read more information about these delivery companies / couriers and how they use your data by following these links: 

Royal Mail -

Payment and Credit Agencies (contractual performance) - Think credit card reference agencies and credit card clearing agencies. We use these very reliable, very trustworthy companies to process the orders you place with us or help us in the services we provide to you. We couldn’t do what we do without them but, even so, we only give them the data they need to get the job done.

Upon sale of business assets (legal obligation) - In the unlikely event that our business assets are sold or purchased by another company, our data records will be sold too as part of our business.

Research Companies (legitimate interests) - We care what you think so we sometimes ask outside research companies to contact you directly for opinions on our products and services (again, we’ll only give them the data they need to get this done).

Research Agencies for qualitative research e.g. WhatsApp Groups (consent) – If you participate in qualitative research, such as WhatsApp groups, we sometimes get support in the management and moderation from research agencies. If we are going to be working with a third party research agency for any type of qualitative research project, we will always let you know when you sign up to participate that your data will need to be shared with the agency. Our agencies only ever use your data for the purposes of that project and the relevant privacy policy will always be provided at the time.

Our presents partners (legitimate interests) – Every now and then, we like to surprise our lovely customers with presents and treats. In order to do so, we may share your data with our trusted partners who will send the presents on to you.

Changing your preferences

Emails: We love to talk to you but we understand that not everybody wants to receive our emails. We quite understand if you don’t, but remember that, if you unsubscribe, we won’t be able to send you updates before anyone else.

Any other issues or queries: If for any reason you can’t update your preferences or have other queries relating to privacy, head to our Contact Us section and we’ll update them for you. Please make sure you include your full name and address, and your account number if applicable.

How long is your data kept?

We don’t want to get all intense, but as long as you keep shopping with us we like to think we’re ‘in a relationship’. If you haven’t shopped with us for six years, we’ll come to the sad conclusion that we may have lost you, and delete your data from all our systems. Or you can ask us at any time – via any of the methods listed in our Contact Us section – to erase it.

We might also need to keep your data for important legal or audit purposes, to resolve disputes, and to prevent fraud and abuse. In these situations we may need to hold some of your data after you have closed your account.

Your rights

You have the right to be informed about how your personal data is being used. This is done, for example, through this privacy notice.

You have a right to access any personal data we hold about you and we’ll deal with any subject access request within 30 days (we never like to keep you waiting).

You have the right to ask us to stop or pause processing your data, erase your data or amend your data. Please get in touch with us via any of the methods listed in our Contact Us  section if you’d like us to do any of these things, and as far as we’re able to (when taking into account our own legal obligations) we’ll make it happen.

You have the right of portability over your data (i.e. you can ask us to pass the data we hold on you to a third party in machine-readable format). Let us know if you want us to do this using the details in our Contact Us section.


In case you don’t know (lots of us didn’t)… Cookies are small text files that websites send to your computer, and can be thought of as Internet users’ identification cards. They let the website know when the user has returned, which enables the site to bring up information relevant to that user– name and past orders, for example.

Cookies make the interaction between users and websites faster and easier. Without them, it would be very difficult for a website to allow a visitor to order or to remember the user's preferences or registration details for a future visit. The b.kinda website uses cookies to allow customers to move from one part of the site to another, and to add items to the shopping basket without having to log in repeatedly.

Due to our website set-up, you may be asked to confirm your choices more than once when you visit us. Please make sure that you express your choices when prompted, so that we have your accurate preferences for all areas of our website. Just to reassure you, cookies aren’t computer programs, and can't read other information saved on your hard drive. They can’t be used to disseminate viruses or, for example, get hold of a user's email address. They only contain and transfer to the website as much information as the users themselves have disclosed to that website. Please note that cookies are computer-specific, so if you log on to any site from a different computer, the cookie settings on that computer will apply.

For further information about managing and disabling cookies on your computer see .

When you visit our sites, cookies are either served directly by us, or by our business partners. These are the different kinds of cookies we use:

Essential cookies: These cookies allow you to use the basic functionality of our website. For example, browsing our products, ordering and paying for items, checking your account information and viewing your order history.

Performance cookies: These cookies allow us to get to know how you use our website. They’re used to analyse visitor information such as usage and visitor numbers, so they help us to see how effective our advertising is and understand what you like. We also use this information to help improve our website, make our marketing more relevant and improve your experience. The data used for these cookies is aggregated and anonymised, which means that we can’t identify you as an individual. In other words, your personal data is not used for these cookies.

Functionality cookies: These ones allow us to provide additional functionalities to the website, and will retain some settings information. While they’re not essential for the functionality of our site, they do enable extra features that should make your shopping experience even better.

Targeting cookies: We also use cookies to track your interest in our products. We may use these to understand what most appeals to you, so we can make our offers as appropriate as possible. Browsing behaviour is also used to create relevant banner advertising, with product recommendations that we believe best relate to the items you viewed on our website. These banners are then served across other websites that you may visit, typically news sites, video sites and blogs. This process is called behavioural advertising and, although the adverts are individually tailored to you, all cookie data is anonymised and stored temporarily. Additionally, all banners of this type feature an ‘i’ icon that provides more information from each advertising network and instructions on how to opt out. We also use the browsing behaviour data to create personal product recommendations on our website, our marketing emails and in our printed catalogue.

Changes to this privacy notice

From time to time, we may make changes to this privacy notice in order to make sure that we are providing you with the most up-to-date information. If and when we make changes to this privacy notice, we will update the information below.