Fashion for good.

In 1982 - from humble beginnings in a donated MoD building, our parent charity St Luke's Hospice began a pioneering journey to provide the very best in end-of-life care. Despite resistance from some, we had incredible support from our community. We built a charity that has offered dignity, care and kindness to tens of thousands of people. Our new journey into pre-loved fashion began from our network of much-loved volunteer-run charity shops. It has transitioned into a pioneering nationwide online retail store that is laying the foundation for better living. It is also powering the people behind better endings by donating one hundred percent of the profits to charity. We’re building a community of thrifty thrill-seekers that love being a part of our circular economy - re-loving the pre-loved, revamping and restyling, sharing their look created with clothes that have a backstory.

Why the

Thrift shopping always contains an element of surprise; will I find a designer piece at a fraction of the price? Will I find that perfect pair of jeans that have eluded me so far?

The wonderful thing about buying into b.kinda and pre-loved clothes is developing a diverse wardrobe that is totally unique to you.

Here at b.kinda our team collects and collates some of the best pre-loved women’s fashion wear. Sometimes we find brand new items or vintage classics and often clothing that was made in the decade that’s coming back into style.

The team then boxes it with care (taking time to read the notes you have added to your order) four items at a time, and sends it away to be re-loved by you.

The clothes collection is ever changing and the b.kinda HQ is a mystery box in itself! The unpredictability of the clothing, or 'the thrill of the thrift' is a part of the excitement that the b.kinda community love. Just take a look at our social media channels to see what people have done with their clothes to create their very own #bkindalook

Fashion that's
        great for people, planet and purse

It seems that there’s no limit to what people will cast aside these days. We are so proud that we provide an opportunity for clothing that could have clogged up landfill to have a second chance in your cupboard.

People, now more than ever, realise that the clothes they no longer want will make much more of an impact when donated. The equivalent of one rubbish truck of textiles is burned or landfilled every second and when clothes are thrown away they sit in landfills for hundreds of years, especially if they’re made out of synthetic material that won’t degrade.

In fact, in the UK we buy more clothes per person than any country in Europe. Around 300,000 tonnes of used clothes are burned or buried in landfill each year and if nothing changes, by 2050 fashion will take up a quarter of the world’s carbon budget.

Learning the true costs, environmental and social, of our online fashion buying habits means looking to make a change for people and for the planet. Being a part of b.kinda is just one step towards making that change. Welcome to our world - a better world for all of us.

Helping others 
       live their best life

St Luke’s Hospice is an independent charity providing specialist advice and support to people with progressive life-limiting illnesses. We believe that everyone deserves quality end of life care, no matter where.

And so our deep awareness of those in need within our community and our desire to support them is the only motivation we needed to take the brave move to create b.kinda. 

Our awesome customers are just as passionate about the life-changing power that their purchases can deliver and we’re thankful to count them as part of our loyal community of ethical buyers.

Fashion that
    doesn’t cost 
the earth. 

Our customers lead the way, set their own trends and are passionate about defining their own look. They thrill in the finding of clothes that have been lived and loved. We share their energy and delight in challenging them with unique and distinctive clothing.

And guess what? Buying pre-loved clothes costs a fraction of the price of fast fashion!