Go Second Hand for this Season of Sparkle

There have been a number of testing ‘turmoils’ in the UK of late – we best not mention them! But needless to say it has definitely made us feel the pinch as we stare down the barrel of ever-rising living costs. Plus, like us, you will be very aware of wanting to become increasingly environmentally conscious.

Christmas is one of those times when the budgets are anything but squeezed – and we can push ourselves beyond our limit. Don’t fear! That’s what your friends at b.kinda are here to help you with. Despite the price of cotton rising and the cost of living soaring, we can put the second-hand sparkle into your twinkle toes when you light up the party scene this December! 

The secret is out – it’s ok to have a pre-loved party dress – in fact all the best do! 

In a recent YouGov survey, commissioned by the University of Hull, young people said they were prepared to shun new clothes in favour of second-hand items, such as vintage fashion or a charity shop bargain. A quarter of young people said they were already renting or buying second hand for Christmas. What’s your plan for the season of sparkle?

Carrie Johnson makes no secret of renting clothes for high profile occasions, famously renting her wedding dress when she married Boris. The Duchess of Cambridge also makes no secret of recycling her dresses for different occasions, whilst Angelina Jolie is proud to re-wear her gowns and share her outfits with her daughters for their red-carpet appearances.

Here at b.kinda HQ we are busy packing boxes that include special requests for party wear.

Have you had a chance to look at some of our festive photography? We were so lucky to be able to have used the incredible venue Flete House. Check out our blog for a peek behind the scenes.

So what about gifting second hand? Most of us like to give gifts we’d like ourselves but when the budget’s tight maybe it’s time to do things differently?

Second hand doesn’t need to mean second-best. How about ordering a b.kinda box for someone you love?

Did you know that extending the life of a piece of clothing by an extra nine months can reduce its carbon, waste and water footprint by 20-30%. By shopping second-hand or resisting buying new fast-fashion this Christmas, you’re helping prevent the mass discarding of clothing – and supporting our end-of-life charity in the process.

Ways to be sustainable and second hand this party season

  1. Modify, customise, or rework your existing wardrobe. Sew on accessories, change the length, add belts or ribbons to make them your own. 
  2. Try to ‘shop’ your own wardrobe to find the flexibility that you already own. 
  3. Layer items together to make things look different. 
  4. Consider using some dye to change the colour or brighten an outfit up.
  5. Introduce other items from charity shops. When you order from b.kinda you can be specific about the sort of things you’re looking for. Just pop the comments into the profile you send us and our pickers will pick as best as they can to suit your needs.