The Autumn Look: Vivienne Westwood and Business Class Inspired Styles 

In the dynamic world of fashion, trends come and go, but some styles endure, inspiring generations of designers, creators, and fashion enthusiasts. This season, we at b.kinda are diving headfirst into the world of high fashion with our Autumn photo shoot, heavily influenced by two iconic styles: Vivienne Westwood and ‘Business Class.’ 

These styles bring a unique blend of rebellion and sophistication, making them perfect choices for those who want to stand out while remaining effortlessly chic.

Why Vivienne Westwood and ‘Business Class’ Styles Matter

Vivienne Westwood: The Rebel Queen of Fashion

Vivienne Westwood is a name synonymous with punk and rebellion. When the world lost the visionary Vivienne Westwood after a career of over 50 years last December, it was only a matter of time until her fellow fashion designers chose to pay tribute to her punk aesthetic. Her designs have always challenged the norm and pushed boundaries. Here’s why her style matters:

Unapologetic Individuality: Westwood’s designs celebrate the individual, encouraging you to express your unique personality through your clothing.

Sustainability: Her emphasis on sustainable fashion aligns perfectly with the pre-loved clothing movement, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Mixing Eras: Westwood blended various historical eras and cultural influences, creating an eclectic and fascinating look that can be recreated with pre-loved clothing from different decades.

Bold Prints and Patterns: Her use of bold prints, graphics, and patterns can be a great way to add character to your wardrobe with vintage finds.

‘Business Class’: Tailored Elegance

The ‘Business Class’ style exudes sophistication and professionalism, making it a timeless choice for those who want to look polished and put-together. Commenting in Woman and Home Magazine, Fashion Editor Antonia Kraskowski, made the following observations on this season’s updates: “Loungewear is firmly cast aside for the new season and replaced with business-like tailoring as 9-5 office attendance is once again the norm (even if it is a few days a week). After the popularity of Quiet luxury dressing, this trend presents an added elegance with pencil skirts, smart suiting and tailoring taking the fore.” 

Here’s why it’s worth considering:

Effortless Elegance: ‘Business Class’ fashion epitomises elegance and refinement. It’s about making a statement without saying a word.

Versatility: Tailored pieces, such as blazers and trousers, are versatile wardrobe staples that can be easily sourced from pre-loved clothing stores.

Timeless Appeal: This style is never out of place, whether you’re at the office, a formal event, or a casual dinner. It’s a classic that stands the test of time.

Quality Over Quantity: Investing in quality pre-loved pieces ensures your ‘Business Class’ ensemble will last for years, making it a sustainable choice as well.

Creating Your Own Fashion Looks

Now that you know why these styles are important, let’s explore how you can incorporate them into your own fashion repertoire using pre-loved clothing:

Research and Inspiration: Start by studying Vivienne Westwood and ‘Business Class’ fashion to understand the key elements and details that define these styles. Take a look at recent trend articles by Vogue, or Who, What, Wear articles that list the most recent trends.

Thrifting and Vintage Stores: Explore local charity shops and pre-loved shops, vintage boutiques, and online marketplaces to find unique and affordable pre-loved accessories and items that match the desired style. List your preferences in our comments box when you order your b.kinda mystery box. We’ll always do our best to find you something similar to what you’re looking for if we have it in stock.

Mix and Match: Experiment with layering and combining pre-loved pieces to create your unique interpretation of these styles. Don’t be afraid to mix eras and textures.

Accessorise Wisely: Accessories can elevate your look. Incorporate statement jewellery, belts, scarves, and hats to add personality to your outfit.

Tailoring and Alterations: Invest in tailoring or alterations to ensure your pre-loved pieces fit you perfectly. Proper fit is essential for achieving the ‘Business Class’ look.

Quality Over Quantity: Focus on collecting timeless, high-quality items that will last. These pieces can be mixed and matched for various occasions.

DIY Customisation: Get creative with DIY projects to personalise your pre-loved finds. You can paint, embroider, or add patches to give your clothing a unique touch. Check out our social media channels for some inspiration.

Eco-Friendly Choices: Choose pre-loved items made from sustainable materials and support brands with ethical practices whenever possible.

Confidence is Key: Regardless of the style you choose, confidence is your best accessory. Rock your look with self-assurance, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Share Your Style: Inspire others by sharing your pre-loved fashion journey on social media. Encourage friends and followers to join the sustainable fashion movement. Tag anything you get from b.kinda with #bkindalook – we love to share your inspiration with others.

In conclusion, fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and you don’t need a limitless budget to embrace iconic styles like Vivienne Westwood and ‘Business Class.’  Get started with a b.kinda box for only £20.95. 

By incorporating pre-loved clothing into your wardrobe and following these tips, you can create your unique fashion statement while contributing to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. So, go ahead and redefine your style with pre-loved fashion—it’s a win-win for you and the planet.