7 Reasons you should be buying second hand clothes

No matter your lifestyle, your budget or your age – you should be buying second hand clothes! Here are seven reasons to open your mind to the endless possibilities!

Now here’s the big one…saving money! 

It may not be new information to you – but it’s definitely the one that drives most people to buy second hand, whether in a shop or online there are always bargains to be had and clothes to be re-loved and re-purposed for a fraction of the price of buying something brand new. 

Buying used clothing saves resources

Taking the strain away from the planet’s resources is something that you may not have considered. It is difficult to imagine the resources and pollution associated with a pair of jeans but needless to say, they have probably travelled more of the world than the most of us and are a BIG drain on the planet. In fact, as much as 7,500 litres of water are required to make a single pair – that’s enough water for about 150 showers! Cotton, which a large percentage of jeans are made from, is the culprit behind these enormous amounts of water. In addition, your favourite cotton t-shirt slurps back enough water for one person to drink for 900 days. 

Extending the life of clothes 

There are probably clothes in your wardrobe at the moment that you never wear. They may no longer be your style, they may not fit you (don’t worry we ALL have those!) Or maybe it’s just the item that’s always overlooked for something you love a little more. Well – there’s very little point in them sitting taking up space when someone else might love it. Instead, donate it onwards to a new home and look for a replacement – one out, one in!

‘Where there’s muck, there’s brass’

Ever heard that expression? Or maybe ‘where there’s trash, there’s treasure’? Sometimes you get hold of a piece of second-hand clothing and cannot believe that someone else didn’t want it. The fact that you’re then getting it at a fraction of the price…well – that’s the thill of thrift! 

Sustainability in the world of fashion

Have you heard of the ‘slow fashion movement’? Possibly not. But you have probably heard of ‘fast fashion’? The slow fashion movement is the opposite; instead of ‘grab grab grab’ whatever you can and then chuck it out when you’ve worn it, it’s about making more mindful choices. As well as buying garments that have been created ethically or sustainably, it also means making a determined choice to turn against the tide of mass-produced cheap clothing.  

Creating your own unique style

There’s nothing worse than being at an event and seeing someone else in exactly the same outfit. Even worse if they look better than you…ok – we know that’ll never be the case! Buying secondhand gives you every opportunity to spend a little time to create your own look; sewing on accessories, dyeing, patching, shortening – the possibilities are endless. We’ll be adding more and more ideas to our social media and blog to help you to achieve this with ease. Think outside the box (or after receiving the box in our case!) 

You make a difference to others – even with a tiny budget

Whether you are visiting a charity shop or ordering your mystery box from b.kinda, you’re making a big difference to other people’s lives. The money you spend, no matter how small will go back to care of others. 

So – what are your thoughts? We’d love to hear all about your second-hand style. Contact us on any of our social media channels or tag us in to by using #BKindaStyle