Live a Pre Loved Party Season
Stylish, affordable, sustainable
Live a Pre Loved Party Season
Four items of ladies clothing for £20.95
Live a Pre Loved Party Season
Create your own style

Be a part of the  b.kinda fashion revolution

For people with a passion for clothes, for clothes without the price tag and for protecting our world from needless waste.

Your b.kinda mystery clothing box is one step towards making a positive change to our planet and making you feel good in your own skin.

Good for people, purse and planet

We have saved

38,860 pieces of clothing from landfill

How do our mystery
boxes work?


Fashion is a way of thinking and a way of being. We've worked hard to give you the chance to create your own unique profile, the age you dress, the colours you love and the look you're after. 


These clothes have a backstory. Now they need a new adventure. Take them on a journey of discovery and create your look with our mystery box containing four pre-loved items to make your own. 


Unique fashion without breaking the bank. Unwrap each item of clothing and make them your own; they have the power to create change for you and the people that we care for. Now is your time.

A fashion fix at a price 
that both you and 
the planet can afford

We know you’re different. You’re opting to say no to fast fashion and instead building a wardrobe that is kind to the planet and gentle on your purse. 

By ordering a b.kinda box instead of buying new clothes from retailers, you’re reducing the demand for fast fashion - and you’re saving money in the process! Fast fashion brands are churning out cheap new clothes because there are so many people that believe that clothes are easily discarded.

Ultimately you want to wear clothes that make you feel fantastic - without the price tag.

We want that for you too which is why we take time to choose the things we think you’ll like best. Your b.kinda box is just a few clicks away.

Join the b.kinda community and practice the art of circular fashion for some seriously sustainable steals! 


Do it

your way

🎄 Tis the season of goodwill!

Every mystery box order placed today will include a free accessory. If you were planning to order one as a Christmas gift for someone, today is the perfect day to do it!

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Embrace the joy of giving back to the planet by opting for pre-loved clothing this Christmas time. Each piece in our mystery boxes has a unique story, and by choosing second-hand, you`re contributing to the reduction of textile waste and landfill.

#SustainableChristmas #MysteryBox #preloved #PrelovedFashion #SlowFashion

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It`s your time to shine! Doesn`t Romaine look sensational in her pre-loved party frock?

Ditch the high street and get the look for less by switching to second hand. It`s good for your purse and for our planet.

Let us know in your order notes if you`d like something from the Christmas Rail in your next pre-loved mystery box. Check out the pinned posts for more info.

#preloved #MysteryBox #SlowFashion #ChristmasPartyOutfit

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🎄 Tis the season to dazzle in pre-loved.
How gorgeous does @kittywardpottery look in this little one shoulder number?!

Leave an order note "Something Festive" and we`ll include one or more (while stock lasts) pieces from our Christmas Rail in your next pre-loved mystery box.

#preloved #MysteryBox #SustainableChristmas #ChristmasParty #OutfitInspo

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✨ Nadia`s Mystery Box! Age bracket: 19-24

Nadia asked if we could put in something festive, preferably for going out, so we threw in this super sparkly little dress. We also love that faux leather, deep wine colour mini. What a find!

Don`t forget to type Something Festive in your order notes if you`d like us to add something from our Christmas Rail. Watch the pinned Reel to find out more.

#ChristmasPartyOutfit #GoingOutOutfit #preloved #MysteryBox #SecondhandFashion #thrifter

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✨Robyn`s mystery box with `Something Festive`

How gorgeous is this sparkly, draped dress?! It`ll be perfect for a Christmas/ NYE party or a date night. Don`t forget to leave an order note at checkout if you`d like us to add something from our Christmas Rail to your next pre-loved mystery box.

⭐Not sure where the order notes are? Watch the pinned Reel.

Age bracket: 25-34

#PrelovedChristmas #ChristmasPartyOutfit #preloved #PrelovedFashion #SustainableChristmas

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Rachel`s mystery box 💚

Rachel asked us to add Something Festive to her second order from us. We are so in love with that jumper! Age bracket selected: 25-34

⭐ Don`t forget to type "Something Festive" in your order notes if you`d like us to include a piece from our Christmas Rail.

#SomethingFestive #preloved #MysteryBox #PrelovedFashion

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Christmas can be a pricey affair, but that doesn`t mean your outfit has to be. Our pre-loved mystery boxes offer a budget-friendly option for achieving a chic and stylish look that is very unlikely to be replicated by somebody else.

⭐️Type `Something Festive` in your order notes and we`ll add an item from our Christmas Rail to your mystery box.

#PrelovedFashion #MysteryBox #ChristmasPartyOutfit #preloved

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